About Krystyn Nakamura

Krystyn Nakamura, born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, now resides in the diverse metropolis that is San Francisco, working towards being a fashion editor and personal stylist. Hard working since high school, she’s no stranger to determination. With good organization skills and ambition, she managed to balance three jobs at once to achieve her dream. Since then, her portfolio has grown to include individual and collaborative projects such as personal styling clients and friends, product styling garments, and being co-creative director on editorial photoshoots.

Inspired by her months in modeling school, she pursued a career as a stylist to give people the same confidence in themselves that she finally felt while being there. Not only has education had a significant impact, but so has her work experience as well. From working at a restaurant and bar to the retail establishments of Old Navy, House of Aria and Sephora, they all have taught her valuable attributes. With an amazing range she has gained from working with a diverse clientele, she has amazing communication skills. She works well with others and excels at being adaptive to all environments and situations. As her career progresses she wants to continue to freelance as a stylist and also work for a major publication.